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The concert that makes me love them-DNA concert, at September 16, 2011, Taiwan

The conert hold in The House in Taiwan, 25 February 2012

A Fan Proposal in HongKong, May 26, 2016


My top 1 loved album, named "The Poetry of Day After." including the songs of

  1. 突然好想你 Miss you suddenly
  2. 生存以上 生活以下 Above survive, Beneath alive
  3. 你不是真正的快樂 You're not happy as you say

    My favorite song when I was in elemantary

  4. 爆肝 Work ontil the liver broke
  5. 噢買尬 Oh My God
  6. 出頭天One day I am successful
  7. 我心中尚未崩壞的地方 A place that hasn't fallen apart in my heart
  8. 春天的吶喊 Exclaim of Spring
  9. 夜訪吸血鬼 Visir Vampire at night
  10. 如煙 Smoke
  11. 後青春期的詩 The poem after the day
  12. 笑忘歌 Song of young
step by step

This is the nost popular album in my heart, although it may not be true

  1. 步步Step by step

    The song of a drama which has the same name.

  2. 擁抱(2013新錄製作品)embrace
  3. 傷心的人別聽慢歌(貫徹快樂)
  4. 洋蔥 Onion(2013新錄製作品)
  5. 乾杯Cheers
  6. 入陣曲Song of Battle

    A ending song of the drama "Prince Lanling." Had been famous for couple months

  7. 倔強Stubborn
  8. 突然好想你Miss you in a sudden
  9. 戀愛ing Loving
  10. 離開地球表面 Get rid of the Earth
  11. 星空Stary night
  12. 我不願讓你一個人I don't want to left you alone
  13. 人生海海Life broad as sea
  14. 知足Just my pride
  15. 溫柔Tenderness
  16. 你是唯一(2013新錄製作品)You are the only one
  17. 盛夏光年(2013新錄製作品) Eternal Summer

    My favorite Chinese song in Junior high. The song is about a story of two friends, one is a tuff guy who drunk and fight...etc. He brought his friend, a bookwrom to a store and fight with other gang. The bookworm killed one enemy. The tuff guy let the bookworm left and protect him and went to jail for 10 years because they were friend. But eventually when these two boys met each other, the bookworm guy can't accept and get along with the tuff guy anymore. Eventually the tuff guy suicide on the roof of the bookworm's apartment.

  18. 一顆蘋果an apple
  19. 三個傻瓜 3 diots
  20. 孫悟空Sun Wukong
  21. 摩托車日記 motor diary
  22. 最重要的小事The most important
  23. 愛情萬歲 Heray love
  24. 雌雄同體Hermaphrodite

    This song is not a song I like, but it is the beginning of the days that I love them. That was a new year day, but I didn't feel excited. I am so sad that I can neither sleep or watching TV. I changed all of the station, and stop at the live of their concert. I sang and danced with the music. Form that day on, I became one of their fans.

  25. 生命有一種絕對
  26. 諾亞方舟Noah's Ark

    I like this one because it sets the time of the story at the day after the Doomsday. It begins with a list of "goodbye..."

  27. 憨人A fool

The songs is in the vocal